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How Autlyn is offering Solutions to Start-Ups for Business Growth

With the disruption of the Covid-19, many consumers and businesses are adopting to new ways of doing business.  This a why a new venture located in Devan Plaza Westlands, Autlyn has come up with solutions to significantly lead the way in transforming the business world.

Autlyn is helping start-ups to measure up to the big boys by leveraging the playing field to favour small companies to achieve business growth.  All you need to do is to register with their Autlyn platform then get an opportunity to sell your products and services.

According to the CEO of Autlyn Mr.Weru Irungu, e-commerce will soon take center stage given the current order of things as a result of the ravaging effects of the Coronavirus. It is on that basis that they are determined to lead the way by giving businesses a chance to share what they have through professional presentation.

“Our platform also recognizes artists as individual entities who earn from their intellectual properties.Such artists include musicians and even models,” says Weru.

They plan to professionalize artists within their Autlyn platform in future to reach many people.

Therefore, if you are wondering how your business can grow then is the place to be. It is a great platform to “outline” your business as the name suggests.

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