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House rejects President Ruto’s nominee for Tourism

Parliamentary Appointments Committee, during yesterday’s sitting. The committee rejected President Ruto’s nominee Peninah Malonza.

Parliamentary Appointments Committee yesterday rejected President Ruto’s nominee for tourism docket, claiming a lack of what it takes to be a Cabinet Secretary.

The committee, comprising of members both from minority and majority sides of the House, unanimously felt that Penninah Malonza did not demonstrate what it takes to be a Cabinet Secretary. The committee, which is comprised of seasoned parliamentarians like Kikuyu’s Kimani Ichungwa (majority leader) and Suna East’s Junet Muhammed (minority whip), agreed that President Ruto’s nominee was not equal to the task ahead. “She lacked the requisite abilities and professional experience to be approved for appointment to the Office of the Cabinet Secretary,” read the report tabled in Parliament on Tuesday, October 25.

Other names in President Ruto’s nominee list, who are on the chopping board, are former Malindi member of Parliament Aisha Jumwa, and former senator for Meru Franklin Mithika Linturi. Aisha Jumwa has had court battles where she is implicated in a death of a man through shooting, whom her bodyguard was directly involved in – and it is being rumoured that Mrs Jumwa was right at the scene, when the shooting taking place. Aisha Jumwa has also had issues with her education. Whether she has a bachelor’s degree is still in question, a prerequisite requirement for one to be a Cabinet Secretary under Kenyan Law.

Similarly, on his part, Mithika Linturi’s limitations are the same as those denting the image of Aisha Jumwa. However, the former senator for Meru County has no murder-related charges hanging around his neck. But there are grave issues on his academic qualifications (whether he has a genuine degree in laws, or not). There are also fidelity issues that are threatening to tear his marriage apart – although that may not be weighty enough to deny him a chance to become considered for a Cabinet slot.

Aisha Jumwa was President Ruto’s nominee for Gender and Heritage ministry while Linturi was the nominee for Ministry of Agriculture. In the report tabled by Minority whip Junet Mohammed, Aisha Jumwa (Gender CS nominee) and Mithika Linturi (Agriculture CS nominee) were approved by a majority and rejected by a minority.
“A minority of the Members of the Committee recorded a dissenting/minority opinion in regard to the integrity of Aisha Jumwa and Mithika Linturi,” read the report.

It is still not clear whether all is done and dusted for Penninah Malonza, or whether she still has a lifeline.

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