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Gor to play City Stars, Tusker to meet Vihiga Bullets

Today, Gor play City Stars as Tusker will face-off with an already relegated Vihiga Bullets in penultimate KPL fixtures.

At the Kasarani stadium, K’ogalo will have to unleash all their artillery to make sure that they bag the maximum three points. That way, they will not care about the outcome between Tuskers FC and Vihiga Bullets.

Tusker, on the other hand, want to collect all the three points from Vihiga Bullets, and still hope that Gor slip in order to assure them of retaining Kenya’s KPL champions status.

The current permutations are as follows: Gor are topping that table with 68 points – a single point ahead of Tusker. This means that in today’s final round of matches, K’ogalo stands a better chance of reclaiming the cup, which will be their 20th. KPL trophy – a precedented record in Kenyan football history.

If Gor win and Tusker win, the trophy will be K’ogalo’s. If Gor win and Tusker either draw or lose, still Gor will be the champions.
But if Tusker win but Gor lose or draw, Tusker will be the Champions. If Gor lose and Tusker draw, that means that Gor will still be the Champions because they have unassailable goal frequency as compared to Tusker’s.
It means that they will tie in the number of points.
This makes today’s two games very crucial for the four teams that are going to determine who the next Kenyan soccer giants will be.

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