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Glam with Ruena Glamour -Eyelashes

Meet Ruena Kiarie- Founder & CEO Ruena Glamour

Ruena Kiarie, a young beauty and innovative woman whose circus of choice revolves around glamour and enchantment is a fresh graduate from the University having specialized in broadcast journalism. Ruena is determined to make as many women fearless and confident in her magical eyelashes that gives women an extra look.

The 24 year old from Multimedia University of Kenya, is currently focused in running her business dubbed Ruena Glamour. In her on words, Ruena says she is multitalented and has the ability to interact with people positively, which to her is the way to go in business. Ruena sells her lashes at sh1500 a pair. The lashes come as a package of all black lashes with Eyelash accessory. The lashes are available in two main types; human hair and 3D minks.

“All lashes come with a glue tube, either black or white. The duo eyelash glue comes with a brush on for the Black tube of glue.” She explained. The human hair lashes available in her store is, MIMOH human hair lashes, Roselyn human hair lashes and Fluffy human hair lashes.

“I ship my lashes from outside the country.” Ruena, who said her starting capital was mostly from her savings, started her business in 2017; this was after she bailed out of her hair business. “I started Ruena Glamour because I wanted something more unique and challenging.” She said adding that her spirit is always high in terms of entrepreneurship.

The avenue she uses to sell her products is online, JUMIA and Instagram page; this way it covers their market in Uganda and Tanzania as well. Here in Nairobi they merchandise in shops. “I have incurred both losses and profits since I stated my business” Ruena said that she also has a team working for her.

Ruena’s company has seen itself featured several times on the East Africa’s ‘True Love’ magazine, and she hopes to win awards and expand her business.

The challenges that Ruena faces in her business is actually the hesitation by clients to try using lashes, which takes up double the time to convince someone to try. It is also time consuming to teach first time users how to put on lashes. “Another challenge I have been through ever since I started is that, people just have a notion that lashes are hard to wear, others forever believe that lashes are not comfortable and are heavy.” She said

Thankfully, she has been able to expand her business outside Nairobi and has met people that still support her business. That according to her is a big achievement. She is motivated by positive feedback from her clients who keep purchasing her products. “I create my products with so much love, uniqueness and passion, so when a new client falls in love with it, that becomes a wonderful feeling.” She said.

Ruena loves taking selfies as a way of creating content; “I take selfies a bit more than the average person, but, are justified to do so,” sometimes it is okay to glam up and wear the best kind of lashes there is and go off on selfies.

“I did my homework, and I realized that no one else was doing this business, this was after I closed down my human hair shop which didn’t seem to work out.” She said, “It took me a little while to start off again after the other business failed, so 2017 January Ruena Glamour came to be” she confirmed and said that the entrepreneurial spirit seemingly runs in her family.

The young beauty says that the way to succeed in business is to love what you do and stay confident. From a failed hair business to a Lashes Glamour across eastern Africa, Ruena glamour serves a big clientele at the dawn and dusk of every week.

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