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Gender Based violence and Emotional Immaturity on the rise.

According to a survey by the National Council on Administration of Justice, cases of sexual offences, physical assault and domestic violence amongst those in relationships is on the rise. And what really is the problem? This is the most urgent question that should be addressed as a a matter of global concern.

For instance, in Kenya, the number of deaths arising from gender based violence in recent months has raised eyebrows. On the 16th of September 2020, a class 6 girl in Langata brutally stabbed her form two boyfriend after a quarrel broke between the two over a text message. In January, a 29 year old Salome was set on fire by her husband after a misunderstanding in Rongai estate.

In April 2019, a man identified as Kinuthia is said to have hacked his late girlfriend using an axe outside Moi Teaching and Referral, this being but a few of the many incidences.

Research says emotional immaturity is a cause as people don’t know how to consume their rage and jealousy despite jealousy being the root to all evils. At a young age, if not all, most are not emotionally and mentally equipped to deal with separation or rejection.

Parents and families of those involved in such incidences are most times not aware that their children are sexually active and normally have to come to terms with such. But as a parent or family ,more open conversations and interactions with the young is needed. Parents and guardians ought to make their children’s business their business.

Times are changing and everyone needs to brace themselves on how to deal with rejection. One possible solution is to introduce sex education in our schools at an early age. Psychology should also be taught so that we know how to deal with outcomes that don’t favor what we want in any sort of relationship. There is nothing wrong with being in a relationship as a teenager but are they ready for the repercussions that come with it? .

Human life is important and anger should not be a justification for ending another person’s life.

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