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Luo lady says she infected 100 men with HIV

She threatens to expose them all

A luo lady know by username Ruth James on Facebook has threatened to publicize a list of all men she has slept with and infected with HiV/AIDS

In her post she claimed she was tired of suffering and it was time to come public and name all men she slept with without protection.

The list is said to contain high ranking politicians from nyanza and a number of ohangla artists. A governor and a senator is said to be among the victims.

Ruth has been going through a hard time after separating with her baby daddy, some of her followers claim she is undergoing depression. She has severally hit on his baby daddy as irresponsible man.

Late last year a lady by name Harriet Akunava published names of 18university of Nairobi she claimed to have infected.

Bachelor of Education Science graduate Physics and Maths. Part time teacher Pangani Girls

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2 thoughts on “Luo lady says she infected 100 men with HIV

  1. Ruth James is so loud in social media and fond of writing questionable erotic and sensual posts and short stories. As a critic and anot author, I wonder how fast she gathers and write all these imagery stories which to some extent are extensions of one another. Could she be writing exactly what she went through and what she is still upto in a disguised manner?…her stories are full of family abscondism, premature sexual roles, husband snatching, friendship betrayals among critical socially eroded themes. I am afraid to say that her writings generally are always short,suspended thus lacked a crucial lesson our generation can barely withstand. …after all circumlocuting irresponsibly in the name of depression, who is advising her that telling us the lost of men she has slept with will add her more responsible days to live?…this explains why she separated from baby dady. ..REAL MEN ARE DRIVEN HIGH BY WIVES OF IMPACT, MINDSET NO HOW MUCH MAZGWEMBE YOU CAN TWERK IN SOCIAL MEDIA. ….REMEMBER, YOU HAVE A DAUGHTER. ..someone’s wife to be,mother to be ,sister to someone WHO IS TEACHING HER SOCIAL ETHICS if yourself you are empty! !..vicious circle of rottenness and social poverty

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