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Former student leader who lectured others on communism

A story is told of how bishop of hope once stormed into a first year lecture Hall in Chiromo campus,He introduced himself as a senior Philosophy lecturer, Taught them communialism for 45 seconds and left

Mid that month,the freshers were tasked a take away assignment ,to the lecturer’s shock 780 of them had written ” Submitted to Prof Ndege Serikal ” on the coverpage

The University was forced to hunt for Bishop and offered him job as a part-time lecturer,but after a week he was sacked for asking first years males 1000each for unit registration and females 50 bob.

Okung’ was awarded first class honours in economics, the firebrand leader acted as the advisor to the vice chancellor George Magoha.

Okung’ has shown his interest in langata parliamentary seat and set to launch his bid in December.

Bachelor of Education Science graduate Physics and Maths. Part time teacher Pangani Girls

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