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Former IEBC Commissioner Roselyne Akombe is Back to Kenya after 3 years

Former Independent Electoral and Boundaries (IEBC) Commissioner Dr. Roselyn Akombe is back to Kenya after more than 3 years in exile.

Dr. Akombe fled the country to the US in October 2017 and resigned as a commissioner citing intimidation and lack of transparency in the contested 2017 presidential elections which were nullified by the Supreme Court of Kenya.

She cited crooked dealings and massive corruption at the commission led her to resignation and soon after she left the country ahead of the repeat 2017 elections. She noted that mysterious circumstances surrounded the results displayed at the Bomas of Kenya raising her suspicions of the commission’s transmissions system.

Dr. Akombe’s Tweet

Akombe released a statement in the US saying she had she had received numerous threats and that she “didn’t feel safe” in Kenya.

In a tweet posted on 16th February 2021 with pictures taken at the UN office in Kenya, Akombe says “Nothing beats the feeling of being home #Kenya, where my umblical cord remains. Thanks a million to all who made it possible. I owe you a lot”.

Dr. Akombe recently moved from UN Headquarters in New York to join the UNDP as the Governance and Peacebuilding Coordinator a the UNDP’s Arica hub in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Prior to that and after quitting her job at IEBC, Akombe was assumed a more senior position in the United Nations’ department of political affairs in New York where she was involved in conflict-prevention measures in countries and regions facing turmoil around the world.

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