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Mama Ngina dares government to auction her property

Former First Lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta has asked the government not to drag her and her family into their politics.

Speaking in Lamu, during a church function, the former First Lady said that she has nothing to fear since she is tax compliant. In recent times, there has been a concerted effort by the Kenya Kwanza government, targeting the Kenyatta family for what it (the government) termed as tax eversion by the farmer first family.

Former First Lady Mama Ngina, when in the Lamu function, said that all the government is doing is to drag the Kenyattas’ name into politics, something that she regretted. “There is no need of spoiling my name and that of others so that you can be seen to be working. Let those accused be taken to court and pay what he or she is supposed to pay,” Former First Lady Mama Ngina said.

She reiterated that being a tax compliant citizen is an obligation of every citizen and therefore if she’d be found not to have remitted her taxes even for a year, then the government is free to come and auction her property.
“If it is me who has not remitted tax for even a single year, let my property be auctioned to pay that tax because it is a must. There is no need for politicking. It is not true that I have not paid tax and people know they are not saying the truth,” said the former First Lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta.

Recently, the Majority Leader in the National Assembly Kimani Ichungwa dared the former President (and his family) not to threaten them after they (the Kenyatta family) were accused by the Rut-led government of tax eversion. Mr Ichungwa was bullish that there’s nothing the former President could do to them now, that couldn’t be done to them when Uhuru was still in power.

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