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Fear of marriage grips men in Central

Voice of Men and Children Network bishop James Njenga.

Men in Central province are at it again: being battered by women has caused many to fear getting onto marriage.

A report from Voice of Men and Children Network (Vomec) has revealed that many young men from Kikuyu land are getting it difficult in their marriages in the hands of their wives. Many cases of men being battered by their wives have been been cited as the main reason why men in Central are currently not seeing any reason why they should get in to matrimonial lives.

Vomec national chairman Bishop James Njenga has reiterated that the problem is even worse than what people are seeing being reported in their offices.
“We have a problem that men do not report. However, there are brave who come to seek advice on how to handle their families, and many disclose to us that the are normally beaten every day,” he said.

“Some wash utensils, cook supper at night and wake very early to prepare breakfast for the family. They live with too many threats” he said.

He adds that some men in Central are denied conjugal rights by their wives despite sleeping in the same bed. A few years ago, men from Central province came out on national television to lament on how they were being treated at their houses. Some even showed serious injuries that were inflicted on them by their brutal wives.

The chairman is now asking the government, through parliament, senate and County Assembly governments to come up with laws that will protect boy-child, just like it has been with girl-child and children. “Too many girl child campaigns were done, and the community forgot about boy child. Let us talk about girl and boy child. The two will go hand in hand,” he said.

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