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Ekuru Aukot Expelled from Third Way Alliance

Doctor Ekuru Aukot.

Third Way Alliance has this afternoon issued a joint statement expelling Dr. Ekuru Aukot from the party and as a consequence ceases from being the party leader. This comes after Aukot was suspended by the party’s National Executive Council (NEC) from party leadership on the 26th of August, citing financial impropriety and lack of transparency. The NEC further cited gross violation of the Constitution of Kenya 2010, since Aukot had defied Court orders in a children’s case involving him.

Confidential reports have it that there have been simmering internal battles within the party ranks for quite a long time, and that the latest events have long been overdue. Aukot is accused of using the party as his personal briefcase for self-enrichment. He has been using the party to lobby and cut underhand fishy deals, at the expense of the party’s ideologies and integrity.

Defending his position, Dr. Ekuro Aukot accuses BBI proponents of sponsoring his woes within the party, since Third Way Alliance remains a live threat to the ambitions of BBI project. Aukot has before sponsored a Referendum Bill dubbed “Punguza Mizigo”, which died in its initial stages. Could Ekuro himself be the very load he religiously sought to offload? As to true is this, we leave to how far the party will get with their latest resolve.

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