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Drama in Nakuru as relatives drop dead man’s body to his debtor

NAKURU: Kins of the late man drop his body to his debtor.

There was drama in Bondeni estate Nakuru after relatives of a deceased man dropped his body to the shop of one businessman that owed him huge sums of money.

The family member who spoke to the local media claimed that the late Richard Ogendi died an unhappy man two weeks ago since he was owed 400,000 Kenya shillings by the debtor. According to the man who spoke on behalf of the family, they came to realize that their late kin was in a bodaboda sacco where he was owed the said amount by one Baba Martin.

They even went to the extent of reaching the debtor during burial preparations but he not only gave them a wide berth but also switched off his phone whenever they tried calling him.

Feeling frustrated, they decided to present the body to the debtor’s premises on Monday and swore to leave the coffin with the Nakuru man until he pays the money.

“We have struggled financially and gone to the police stations several times, but no action has ever been taken. We want to make it clear that we will not go with the body until the deceased gets justice.” Said the family member.

However, they were unlucky as the debtor vanished into the nearby bush after he received intelligence that the body of the late Richard was being brought to his house by the marauding group of youths who were wailing and baying for his blood.

“If he does not give us the money today, he can commit in writing that he will pay the money over a specific period of time or alternatively give us his title deed as a sign of commitment. If you see him, tell him to come so that we negotiate the terms of payment.” Added the family members to the man who was nowhere to be seen.

To control the situation, the police officers urged the family members to either take back the body to the morgue or proceed to bury it then solve the issue with the Nakuru debtor later. The officers further stated that they would return the body to the morgue if the kins were adamant.

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