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Why Azimio demos have exposed police’s soft underbelly

The on-going political developments in the country have been about who is who in the country. One was about the recent invasion of retired President Uhuru Kenyatta’s land, while the other was about rowdy youth using police vehicle for their demonstrations.

A keen look at the two incidences, each group seem to want to exert itself and show the country who calls the shots. By invading retired president’s land, and carting away thousands of sheep, the government was simply telling the common man – and in particular the Azimio politicians – that they can do anything and to any man.
Uhuru Kenyatta is a well-protected man, even in his post presidency. He is a man with influence, and commands a great deal of respect all the tribes. However, because he is an Azimio member, and a leader for that matter, the sitting government, led by President William Ruto and his deputy Rigathi Gachagua, wanted to show the former president, their nemesis, that they are the boys under control, and that they can do anything to any man – regardless of his or her status in the society.

Demonstrators in Homa Bay County, on the other hand, went on rampage in today’s demonstrations to do the unthinkable. This is something that I have experienced for the first time; that civilians can chase away police from their land Cruiser (police van), then use the same vehicle for their own demonstrations. This is the most astounding irony that I have seen in today’s demos. One thing that the mere act portrays is that people’s power is simply impregnable – if well planned and executed.

There is no way police could go to confront rowdy youth without being armed to the teeth. The question is: how did these youth outwit well-armed police officers, until they would end up riding in their vehicle? That is one sign that policemen can be outclassed in their game.

However, it was a very precarious picture even to the neighboring countries to behold how a full security officers, tasked with ensuring that rowdy youth are put to their place, are chased by the same rowdy youth, and their vehicle used for demonstrations. The two incidents show how tables may turn in a split of a second, and the hunter becomes the hunted.

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