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DCI apologizes over “mix-up of images” on its twitter

The Directorate of Criminal Investigation has apologized to the public over fake images on last week’s Azimio demos that was shared on its twitter handle.

In a statement posted on its social media handle, the DCI “unreservedly apologized” to the public for “the mix-up of images” in yesterday’s communication, which was reportedly meant to appeal for information regarding the whereabouts of criminal suspects that were involved in Azimio’s Monday “illegal” demonstration and blamed “overwhelming” information received via “fichua Kwa DCI”

“While we work towards rectifying the same and maintaining public confidence in our operations, the Directorate continues to appeal to the public for information regarding the whereabouts of the suspects whose images appear below. #FichuakwaDCI 0800 722 203.” said DCI

The apology came after fact checkers found that some of the images it posted were for different events and dates and not for the azimio demos. In an earlier post dated 24th March, the DCI had posted a statement entitled “DETECTIVES ON A MANHUNT FOR SUSPECTS INVOLVED IN MONDAY’S VIOLENCE” in which it said it has launched Investigations into acts of violence that were committed by criminals during the illegal demonstrations held on March 20, 2023.

The DCI had said the criminals who took advantage of the demonstrations were captured on camera destroying public property, attacking innocent members of the public and hurling projectiles at police officers who were on duty protecting life and property. “As a result, property of unknown value was destroyed while a total of 33 officers suffered injuries of various degrees and some are still recuperating at various hospitals in the city.”

The directorate cautioned cautioned members of the public that while the right to assemble, picket and petition is enshrined in our constitution, these rights should be exercised with civility and should not infringe on the rights of others. ” Meanwhile, the Directorate is currently on a manhunt for the suspects whose images appear below as others are being gathered and shall be updated, who will face charges ranging from robbery with violence, malicious damage to public property and assault among other allied offences.” said the statement that included several pictures allegedly of the demos.

Following the post, NTV , Taifa Leo called out the DCI for using pictures pictures unrelated to the demos which caused online uproar by members of the public.

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