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David Ole Sankok wants to Retire from Active Politics 2022


Jubilee Nominated MP David ole Sankok, representing the disabled and minority in Parliament has announced that he will retire from politics in 2022.

Sankok detailed his reason and plans while speaking with Friday, July 10.

The vocal MP stated that he was offering an opportunity to other disabled Kenyans to take up the mantle and bring new laws and ideas.

“I have served well and I have tabled enough bills in Parliament. I have also supported crucial bills such as the Gender Bill which brought about the two-third rule. I have spoken severally and some MPs will take 100 years to achieve what I achieved in five years,” Sankok stated.

He added that while working as the Chairperson National Council of Persons with Disabilities, he brought about the sign language interpreter and other changes. He, however, resigned despite massive support to usher in new leadership.

Sankok was ranked as one of the best performing MPs in 2019 in a survey by Mzalendo. The MP attributed his work to Kenyans who push him to excel beyond his limits.

The MP slammed his colleagues who lamented that he should not have been ranked as most of them missed out on the ranking due to being held up in their constituencies and focusing on developing agendas. This forced them to miss out on a number of sessions in Parliament.

Sankok urged them to rescind their salaries as they were voted to be active in Parliament and represent their people.

“We have three arms of government, Judiciary, Parliament and Executive. In Parliament, we have three roles to play, oversight, representation and legislative. Building roads and supplying electricity is the role of the Executive and President Uhuru Kenyatta. Don’t lie to Kenyans,” Sankok added in an interview with NTV.

The MP defended himself stating that the disabled people amounted to a larger constituency and their issues cut across various perspectives. To him, representing the disabled was equal to an MP representing his constituents.

He appreciated the support his family had accorded him for all the years he dedicated to serving the nation and also lauded President Uhuru Kenyatta for offering him the chance to represent Kenyans in Parliament.

In an interview with K24 in 2019, Sankok disclosed that he had set his eyes to work at the United Nations as a special adviser for persons with disabilities.

“I will probably go to the United Nations as a special adviser for issues to do with disability. I will contribute more there,” he proclaimed.

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