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Conflicts between traditions and technology

Few people write letters these days, 

Advancement in technology has rendered traditional mediums obsolete.  

My friend believes in serving traditions and tech.

And spends a great deal of his time on his phone. 

Making friends, watching videos, doing business.

Like he narrates to me on these 

Letters whenever he creates time with his pen.

On conclusion, he never ceases to encourage me to be global.

To conform to an age, to behold a moment with a glimpse of its own. 

I always read these letters with great delight.

But I always repel the notion of serving two masters at a time.

I am a rainmaker.

I have no time doing business, or making friends or seeing the world.  

My life, my purpose my entire task is to make it only rain.

But my friend is the most consistent person I know,  he never gives up. 

And writes me often and rapidly. 

Saying our letters could make great features on the columns.

Saying our stories could enrich the techspace.

Lamenting numerous gaps he had encountered on that place. 

Validating his convinctions that  internet needed a bit of my drip. 

To cool off the tottering engine of the tech.  

I know for a fact that his attempts are a vainful quest. 

Since water can only exist as Ice on that place. And cold would the reception be from the black, yellow, red and white races. 

All running avenues from that single space. 

On his previous letter,

He told me how he had grown famous.

How he had made a fortune on paypal.

How he had found a wife on twitter.

How he had contributed for charity on facebook.

How he had bought a useful gadget on ebay. 

This time he suggested that I join him online. 

That meetings were much easier to have there.

That we could have longer conversations, sharing our stories with the world.

But I thought the world was never ready for any tales.

Since races are always unprepared even when it rains. 

People spend much time on phones these days than with nature. 

That they forget to plant trees. 

That they forget to till land,

That they forget to harvest water,

Until the last reserve dries up.

They prefer digging and cultivating and investing in space. 

He said likes on his pictures helped him separate grain from chaff. As it made him aware of rare souls happy for his achievements.

His tales are often great. Save for the scary imagination that I join him in space.

I cannot serve two masters at a time. 

I am the last rainmaker. 

I am the last herbalist. 

I am the traditional content creator whose recipe only nature must comprehend.

I respond with one question to make clear my stand. 

As I conclude Dear friend, 

Must I comment on your facebook post,

Or like your pictures, or help you trend. For you to recognise that I am happy for you? 


The last rainmaker.

By Oguna Mamba

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