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Christianity and political offices: strange bed-fellows

The high-flying notion that ‘God has chosen’ so and so to be the leader of such and such a political office is spurious.

There has never been a nexus between Christianity and political offices.

Unfortunately, the notion does gain traction during political campaigns times.
I have – during such occasions – failed to trace the device being used to detect how these two are affiliated to either God’s side, or satan’s sides. The parameters being used here have been so elusive that one wonders what would actually happen should the reality dawn on people if, in an unlikely event, God would come and tell us the truth on Christianity and political offices.

A classic example has always been in Kenyan case whenever there is a presidential election. And here, I will incorporate all the players into the mix. A section of priests have had to make their political affiliation known (reason for such a move is best known by themselves). Upon a little introspection, one can only conclude that the branding of one as being Godly, and the other side to belong to satan, has always been informed not by divine revelation, but by individual, selfish and canal desires. Why do I say so? God has never had a candidate in any elective seat. Period.

There has never been a divine link between Christianity and political offices. For example, in the last Kenyan presidential election of 2022, there were four candidates who contested presidency. Luckily enough, among them was a priest; he was actually a bishop. In many instances, during his political campaigns, he’d don his ‘priestly’ robs. To even complicate issues here, we have always been reminded that Kenya is 80% – or more – Christians. My one million dollar question is: why didn’t these Christians (holy people) vote for their own – a Christian bishop? Have your answer with you…

God has never had a presidential candidate of His choice in this dispensation of Christ. Why? Christ’s Kingdom was not, and isn’t, of this world. That is what confused even king Herod when he heard that there was a King Who was born, and that His Kingdom would last forever.

King Herod saw a potential competitor and rival to his kingship, hence, he ordered for children, of male gender, of two years and below in Jerusalem to be killed. He knew that by doing so, he would kill Jesus Christ in the mix of things. Glory to God that God had already briefed the Boy’s parents to flee Nazareth – to avoid the murder. King Herod was filled with a false knowledge that Jesus Christ had come wrist kingship from him. Perish the thought.

Jesus Himself said that His Kingdom isn’t the kingdom of this world. Political leaders govern kingdoms of this world. Being the architecture of Salvation and Christianity, Jesus knew that Christianity and political offices couldn’t marry. That is the distinction that is naked truth.

Any priest, therefore, who’s purporting to have heard from God about God’s choice of a political leader is speaking falsehood. There is no truth in him or her. The only place where Christianity and political office holders meet is when Christians pray for them, for that is a command from God.

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