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Burkina Faso’s Cornel Damiba flies to Togo for asylum

Bukina Faso junta leader Cornel Henri Damiba (in front, and shod in black army boots), in company of military personnel.

The now dethroned Burkina Faso junta leader Cornel Damiba resigned – and fled to Togo, seeking asylum in the country.

The Bukinabe strongman, Cornel Damiba, had to oblige to the many voices that went against his resistance to cede ground for the country’s army captain Ibrahim Traore. Mr Traore had proclaimed himself the de facto leader after what he termed as Dimiba’s soft spot in dealing with jihadists in the West African country.

On Wednesday, the group allied to Captain Traore had expressed its dissatisfaction with the manner with which Cornel Damiba was handling Islamic jihads in Burkina Faso, expressing their strong reservations.

Lieutenant Colonel Dimiba came into power on the promise that he would counter Islamic jihadists head-on, something that he didn’t realize. Before his dethronement, a convoy of vehicles carrying civilians had been attacked by the jihadists in the capital of Ouagadougou – a fact that didn’t sit well with the country’s army captain, Ibrahim Traore.

This is the second coup that is happening in Burkina Faso in less than a year. In May, Leutenant Cornel Henri Damiba also assumed power through coup.

In this recent move, Cornel Damiba had given seven ultimatums for his resignation – which included security guarantees for him and his allies in the military; and that the pledge he had given to West Africa’s regional bloc for a return to civilian rule within two years be respected.

This came after a a meeting was convened, which incorporated the two warring parties. The meeting was mediated by religious groups, together with Economic Community on West African States (ECOWAS). In a statement Sunday, the West African regional bloc ECOWAS welcomed that the various players in the Burkinabe drama had accepted “a peaceful settlement of their differences”. An ECOWAS delegation would also travel to Ouagadougou Monday, the statement added.

The now new leadership, under Captain Traore has, has expressed confidence in dealing with insecurity in the land. He said that he had received support from army chiefs to reinvigorate ‘anti-jihadist’ struggle, and to make the country better in matters security.

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