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Body of the missing varsity student found in Meru

A lifeless body of a 23-year-old missing varsity student was found dangling in a noose days after he was reported missing.

The deceased, identified as Samuel Gathongo, and a student at the Kenya Methodist University (KeMU), has been missing since 29th February.

Landlady to the house the student had rented is the one who reported the unfortunate news to the police after noticing the decomposed body which had attracted flies. It had since taken days without seeing anyone coming in or going out of the deceased house.

The lady had gone to remove her clothes from the cloth line when noticed that flies were much attracted to the house. When she peeped through the window, she saw a lifeless body of the student, hanging with a rope from one of the rafters.

The landlady then reported the matter to the police who came to confirm the death – and take the body to the nearby morgue at Imenti North, Meru County.

There was nothing to show what could have been the cause of the death of the missing varsity student. Police are doing investigations to unearth what could have been the motive behind the death.

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