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Belgium to support Kenya’s transformation agenda

President William Ruto and Prime Minister of Belgium Alexander Croo held discussions in Brussels in which Belgium agreed to support Kenya’s development agenda through partnerships in trade and investment, health and renewable energy.

Speaking at FPS Chancery of the Prime Minister in Brussels, Belgium, Prime Minister Croo committed to supporting Kenya’s food security agenda and to back peace and security plans in the region and climate adaptation.

Both countries signed agreed a Memorandum of Understanding on Political Consultations that will provide a framework for engagement on partnerships. On health, Kenya will work with Belgian Biotechnology companies to establish insulin, vaccine and cancer drug manufacturing companies in the country.

Belgium will also support Kenya’s quest to maintain peace and stability for the sake of the region’s prosperity.
The two leaders agreed to work together to advance the growth of the renewable energy sector in Kenya and promote carbon credit management.

Other areas of partnership discussed include port management, the digital economy and Kenya’s position on the Ukraine war.

Cabinet Secretaries Alfred Mutua (Foreign and Diaspora Affairs), Njuguna Ndungu (Finance) and Soipan Tuya (Environment) were also present.

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