Tension build as Campaigns intensify in Utawala

Tension build as Campaigns intensify in Utawala

Mr. Hezron Omwoyo Pending few days to the 21st April ODM nominations, campaigns have escalated in Utawala ward, Embakasi East Constituency, located in the green city in the sun. Bordering the Embakasi ward, Mihang'o ward and Machakos County, Utawala harbours various social institutions ranging from  military training and administrative

Embakasi MP Babu Owino braves rain to issue bursaries

Embakasi MP Babu Owino issues bursaries in the rain

Hon Babu Owino. Embakasi East legislator Babu Owino braved the rain to issue bursary cheques to thousands of his constituents in the Utawala ward. Consistent with his plan of supporting education, the MP issued cheques worth 68 million shillings to 13,500 beneficiaries. The function was attended by 20 MCA aspirants who were

Give free Covid-19 vaccine to Persons with disabilities (Pwds)

Abled voices, a community based organization for persons living with disabilities, recently pointed out to possible discrimination of PWDs with regards to accessing the covid -19 vaccine. Speaking to Nyanza daily, Mr. Stafford Ochien'g, founder Abled voices, lamented the sheer reluctance by government, to effectively cushion persons living with disability post

Why Some of ‘us’ Don’t Vote.

Oguna Mamba. Time being short, I intend to leave all the pleasantries by retaining much criticism. The best government, argued Henry Thoreau, is one which does not govern at all. Needless to say that such an administration, upon upholding the integrity of its promise on posterity, commands great respect. In a democratic

Manifesto for the Status Quo

Simply put, a manifesto is any document that outlines the specific plans formulated by an individual or a group of people in their quest to form government. It entails a public declaration of policies and a raison d’etre bearing time frames and work plans for achieving the set objectives. The ideologies,