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Arnold Maliba tells MPs to forget NGCDF & focus on role

Public policy analyst Arnold Maliba has advised legislators to focus on their representation, legislation and oversight roles and forget the need to preside over the outlawed National Government Constituencies Development Fund (NG-CDF).

Maliba said on Citizen TV’s Day Break Show on Friday that MPs had forgotten their core mandate in parliament and made the management of the program their sole purpose in the National Assembly. he said MPS had become irrelevant without the kitty and some of them had become ‘motivational speakers’ in the absence of CDF.

“The core function for parliament is representation, then legislation and oversight. What we have in parliament, a lot of them are actually CDF managers because, without it, a lot of them didn’t know what to do next,” said Maliba.

The vibrant analyst said that any attempt by the AG and the MPS to circumvent will be challenged in court and advised MPS to focus on their core mandate. Maliba made the remarks after Lang’ata MP Phelix Odiwuor, also on the show, stated that “mass protests are more effective than parliament” as he objected to the formation of an office for the Official Opposition.

The analyst thus maintained that the NG- CDF should not be reinstated by the court so that citizens can monitor the work of their elected leaders. “When Mheshimiwa here says that the streets can achieve more than parliament, that is the problem I have with parliament as it is today. I pray that CDF doesn’t come back because, without it, Kenyans will see what they are paying for,” he said.

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