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American moonshiners and their thievery trickery

During the Prohibition era in the United States (1920-1933), American moonshiners faced the challenge of evading law enforcement while producing and distributing illegal alcohol.

To outsmart the police and navigate through fields undetected, these resourceful bootleggers came up with a clever invention known as “heifer-heels.”

Heifer-heels were specially designed shoes that mimicked the appearance of cow hooves when worn, effectively camouflaging the American moonshiners as they moved through rural areas.

By utilizing these unique footwear, moonshiners were able to obscure their footprints and avoid detection by law enforcement officers patrolling the countryside.

This inventive tactic of using heifer-heels as a disguise to resemble cows while on the move provided moonshiners with a clever and unconventional means of escaping detection during the Prohibition era.

It exemplifies the ingenuity and creative strategies employed by individuals operating outside the boundaries of the law, showcasing a unique way of “hoofin’ it” to outmaneuver the authorities.

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