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Ahmed Ali Muktar sworn in as the new Wajir Governor

Wajir Deputy governor Ahmed Ali Muktar and governor Muhamud.

Wajir Deputy governor Ahmed Ali Muktar has been sworn in as the new boss of Wajir County following the impeachment of governor Mohamed Abdi Muhamud.

Governor Mohamed Muhamud was on Monday impeached by senators in a plenary seating with 25 senators voting to oust him.

The ousted Wajir governor landed in problems after he delegated county duties to his wife Kheira Omar to run the county, something which attracted an impeachment motion.

At Least 34 members of Wajir county assembly signed the motion which was sponsored by Tulatula MCA Abdulahi Isak. Abdulahi accused the governor of corruption, financial impropriety, gross misconduct and abuse of office.

As a result, 37 members of the Wajir county assembly voted in favor of his impeachment while only ten defended the Wajir governor to the last tooth.

“The governor has allowed his wife to literally run county affairs as the de facto authority. He ceremoniously officiates and signs off where necessary for decisions she unilaterally makes based on her own wishes and judgment without due regard to any law,” Mr Isack said.

“It is an open secret in Wajir County and far beyond its borders that Mrs Kheira Omar is the ‘supreme leader’ of the county and it is always her way or the highway. This has brought ridicule and disrepute to the Office of the Governor”. He added.

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