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Achraf Hakimi ‘wins’ after his wife filed for divorce

Moroccan footballer Achraf Hakimi, and his estranged wife Hiba Abouk, during good old days.

Moroccan Achraf Hakimi has ‘won’ after court found that his property, which his wife wanted 50% share of, was not registered under his name.

The footballer’s former wife, Hiba Abouk, had filed for a divorce, which had gone successful – to her wishes. The estranged wife wanted to be given half of the footballer’s property.However, it was established that the millionaire Paris Saint Germain (PSG) star owns almost nothing, since the footballer pockets $1.1million, but takes 80% of his earnings to his mother, Mrs. Fatima. 80% of everything that he earns are registered under his mother’s name.
It was also revealed that Mrs. Fatima, Hakimi’s mother, is the one whom the soccer star goes to whenever the player wants to buy a pair of shoes, a shirt, or anything. Achraf has no property, neither does he own a car, a house, jewelry, clothes, or anything.

The couple have been living since 2020 when they got married. Before they finally settle in marriage in 2020, they had dated since 2018. Until Hiba Abouk had filed for the divorce, she had two children with the Moroccan football star.

The marriage between the Spanish actress and the footballer has been deteriorating ever since there were investigations on Hakimi in France, for alleged rape.

On getting the news on how Hakimi has played it ‘wise’, many people came out to applaud him for his ‘wisdom’, and not allowing his estranged wife to play him.
“Get this man the Africa football player of the year award immediately. We are also working tirelessly to have him as the guest of honor in the next men’s conference,” said Elijah Edwin from Uganda. Still others, from different parts of the world, hailed Hakim’s forecast.

“They’re just married for 3 years and she wants half his property already. If they were married for 20 years she would have requested for his life alongside the entire properties. Black athletes should learn from this,” added Somto.

“Achraf Hakimi is his name. A man who could see deceit way before. A true legend,” said Gitonga Patrick2.

“That was chess not checkers. Well played,” added Belle Achieng.

“Mummy boy for life. We may argue disagree sometimes even block them for sanity’s sake, and unblock them afterward. But when it comes to making life decisions, mummy’s boy for life,” Agu Ofodile opined.

“This is not right. Yes, things may have happened that leads them to divorce. But she is a human being, who sacrificed 2years of her life with Hakimi. She gave him something everyone human being needs, companionship. She deserves to leave with something,” countered James Atite Sr.

“Marriage is going to lose value if a woman can spend years in marriage and leave without any additional value,” said Nabadda Sumayiya.

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