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Shock as woman strangled to death in Emali Kenya

The police are investigating a possible strangulation in Emali, which snapped life out of a 33-year-old woman on Tuesday night.

The woman is suspected to have been strangled by a man with whom they had shared a room. The lifeless body of the woman was found lying in a room, with blood oozing from her nose.

The suspected assailant was no where to be seen in the morning when the gruesome murder was realised. The police had come after the management alerted them of the unfortunate Tuesday night incident.

Currently, the officers are following crucial leads that will make the them arrest the man who is said to have been in the company of the deceased in the previous night.

The prima facie evidence shows a possibility of scuffle that had ensued between the deceased and the assailant, before the latter would succumb.

The strangulation in Emali is not the first of such incidents in the area. The area is known for such incidences, perhaps due to its proximity to the Mombasa-Nairobi highway. The area is also said to be prone to long distant vehicles camping there over the night.

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