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A miracle isn’t a gauge for a true servant of God

False miracles and wondrous works are everywhere, claiming to be from God.

I think that we have gone too low to the point of settling for anything that has the name Jesus Christ branded on, without conducting a proper scriptural scrutiny. We haven’t known that a miracle isn’t a gauge for a true servant of God.

So deep down we have been drained that whoever shouts loudest (of course with good spoken English), a big car, a large crowd with a nice and an expensive suite, automatically makes the cut as being a ‘powerful servant of God’. How deluded we are! They don’t know that you cannot know a true servant of God by a mere miracle.
Jesus Christ put it succinctly in Matthew 7:22-23, “Many will say to me in that day, Lord, have we not prophesied in your Name? And in your Name have cast out devils? And in your Name done many wonderful works? 23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work inequity,” The above verbatim by Jesus Christ should be an eye opener to EVERY believer. It isn’t works that we do that will qualify us for eternal rest with Christ. No; it’s a genuine and faithful relationship with Him that will make us get His eternal life.

I have done this piece since there have been a lot of ‘spiritual’ activities that caught eyes of many Kenyans in the recent past. People were forced to travel from far flung areas up to Kisumu because a ‘servant of God’ was visiting the town. Others travelled to Bomet to witness how the servant of God was healing the sick and raising cripples. Whether those ‘miracles’ – in both two meetings – in Bomet and Kisumu were true, or were stage-managed, still do not make one pass muster as a true servant of God.

Unfortunately, many people in the world right now have deliberately opted to follow whoever performs ‘miracles’ at the chagrin of a true servant of God – whose mission isn’t to amass wealth from people, but to lead people to Christ, which is the SOLE reason why Jesus Christ came on earth.
It is all about gaining immortality with Christ, not having good jobs, regaining lost stars (whatever that mean) and all sundry and hogwash that come with false televangelists.

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