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Ex policeman arrested for killing ex-lover in Meru

A retired police officer has been arrested in Meru County after being implicated in the death of his former lover.

Mr Jackson Rukunga, from the Igoki location in the Imenti North sub-county, is suspected to have killed Ms Faith Kinya, 40, following a scuffle in the former’s house.

A report said that Ms Faith Kinya had stormed into Mr Jackson Rukunga’s house, and immediately started to collect some items which she wanted to go and sell. Until then, the lady had taken a television set, a welding machine and a grinder from the former officer’s house. “A fight ensued between two and, in the process, she succumbed to injuries,” it reads.

Police officers who visited the scene found the lifeless body lying in a pool of blood on the floor of the house, with injuries on her head and blood splashed on the floor and wall. “Two stools, a piece of stone and a white tablecloth with blood stains have been taken as an exhibit,” it adds.

The suspect is now under the custody of detectives, and would be arraigned should he be found culpable.

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