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Several Vehicles Involved In The Donholm Train Accident

Train Accident.

A fatal train accident that occurred in Donholm on the wee hours of Tuesday morning has left unknown number of people dead on the spot.

The unfortunate incident occurred between Quarry and Caltex area some few minutes past 7AM. According to the eyewitnesses on the ground, the train that was heading to town from Embakassi village rammed into more than two vehicles.

As a result, there was a huge traffic snarl up on Jogoo road with the public onlookers feeling the road side. Many commuters operating from Embakasi, Pipeline, Donholm and Makadara were left stranded in the wake of the accident.

Most of them had to use matatus as an alternative means to town. The train charges a standard fare of 40 Kenya Shillings to and from the city while the matatus charge approximately 100 Kenya shillings.

Most residents from Embakasi prefer the train to matatus due to its affordability.

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