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A husband dismisses hospital’s suicide claims

A husband has refuted Machakos hospital’s suicide claims, saying that his wife was in a stable condition after a successful delivery.

Lynet Kemunto, a 31 year-old mother of three, had been admitted at Machakos level five hospital after she went through a successful delivery. However, after the delivery – as usual – she started developing mild pain, which promoted her husband to rush her to the Machakos hospital for a quick medication. It was after that that the reports reached her husband, Stephen Nyabuto, that his wife has taken her life.

According to reports from the health facility, Lynet had become violent, a condition that caused the hospital staff to force her into an isolation room. It is in that room that it is alleged that she used a cloth to snap away her life. The decreased next of kins, however, dismissed those hospital’s suicide claims, asking for further investigations into the death of their loved one. “I had a patient who I brought to this facility, Machakos Level 5 Hospital, after she gave birth. She had just fallen sick after a successful delivery at the hospital prompting me to bring her back for medication,” Nyabuto said.

Nyabuto addressed reporters at the facility on Saturday.

“My wife was responding well to medication on the first and second days, but on the third day, I was called by a friend at around 9am that she had committed suicide at the hospital,” he said.

Mr Nyabuto questioned why the hospital attendants couldn’t check on their patient even at night when they had enough personnel present.
He further said that when he enquired with the hospital staff on what happened that led to his wife’s death, he was told that at around 2 in the morning, on Monday, Lynet was moved to an isolation room after turning violent to other patients with whom she shared the ward.

“She was locked inside the room and then on checking at around 5am, they said she was okay. They claimed that at 6am same day, on Monday, they went to check again on her and found that she had hanged herself using a cloth,” Nyabuto said. Mr Nyabuto further argued that the hospital’s suicide claims may not stand any ground because even when he wanted to see the body, he was not allowed – giving credence to his case of a suspected foul play by the hospital staff members.

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