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A dead House of Representatives member, DeLuca, wins

Antony DeLuca, in a past house session. The long-serving House of Representatives was elected posthumously by Pennsylvanians.

The dead House of Representatives Democrat “Tony” DeLuca, of Pennsylvania State, was the choice in more than 85% of votes cast, in his death.

DeLuca was was overwhelmingly voted for in the midterm United States elections posthumously, beating his closest rival in the House of Representatives race, the Green candidate Queonia “Zarah” Livingston, by a resounding victory. DeLuca, 85, has been struggling with lymphoma for many years before he finally succumbed on 9 October.

The fallen legislature has been active in the House of Representatives, his octogenarian status notwithstanding. In 2021-2022 legislative session alone, he sponsored more than 100 pieces of legislation, as he voted remotely (perhaps due to his worsening health condition) on bills up to a few days before his death.

This is not the first time that an American legislature is being voted for posthumously. In 2018, it was even worse as people voted for a brothel owner Dennis Hof as a Nevada Senate representative in a Republican ticket one month after his death. But unlike in Pennsylvania State, Nevada’s laws do not provide for elections to be held when a House representative member dies; they only do a selection to determine a replacement of any fallen member. In Pennsylvania’s case though, it has been established that a date will be set for a mini poll to be conducted.

It’s not clear whether the Green candidate, Queonia “Zarah” Livingston, will again participate in the yet to be gazatted seat, after being humiliated in the just concluded mid-term polls. After the voting, and DaLuca having been declared the winner, Livingston took to her Twitter handle, and seemed to have had issues with Pennsylvanians voted. “Voting “safe” means because people in my district decided to vote for the guy that is now deceased; to honor his legacy. We now have no one in our district, to represent us at all until the special election is over. I would love for someone to tell me how this is better??” She posed.

The State of Pennsylvania will now have a special election to be held soon, on a date to be announced, to elect their next House of Representatives member.

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