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10 reasons why you need Social Media marketing

Marketing keeps on evolving.  From the age of barter trade where traders swore by the exchange of goods and services to the recent times where you buy stuff in a click of a button. Who could have ever thought that Marketing trends would change this much?

Some of the most widely used Social Media Platforms include; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram and most recently, Tiktok.

Social media has made things so much easier in marketing and here are ten reasons why you need Social Media Marketing for your business in 2021.

  1.  You get to strategically reach targeted audience.

Social Media ensures that your content reaches your target audience. This could be in terms of demographics, age, location, earnings, and many more. If say, you are targeting clients from a particular age group, there’s a provision for doing exactly that in the social media platforms.  Isn’t this in itself, a powerhouse?

2. You get to directly interact with targeted customers.

Using the proper etiquette and procedures, you can leverage on the channels of interaction and gain great engagement with your customers. It is worth noting that no other traditional form of marketing allows for this kind of flexibility.

3. Enables you to reach an even wider audience.

Social media allows for its users to like, comment, share, message, and retweet in response to posted content.  These exchanges in turn make your content go viral. So if you can manage to post compelling content that is worth massive engagement, you’re a winner when it comes to audience reach.

The secret here is to be strategic with your content.

4. Enhanced customer trust.

Your commitment to posting content takes your audience on a journey of trust in your brand and this trust translates to revenue as your audience graduate to repeat customers and effortlessly bring you referrals and become your brand ambassadors out there.

5. Increased sales

The end goal. All the aspects discussed above lead to increased sales. With the right content marketing strategy in place, you are sure to make sales beyond anyone’s expectations.

6. Promoting your products.

Social Media plays a massive role in getting your product noticed by your target audience. Using the various methods of delivering information for example using videos, infographics, podcasts, and blogs, you are sure to promote your products exponentially.

7. Getting feedback directly from clients

Social Media provides a platform where customers can communicate what they feel and think about your brand. This information helps you know what adjustments you can make to improve the customer experience.  Please note that this kind of information is rarely available in traditional forms of marketing.

8. Reduced cost of Marketing.

Putting up billboards, using print press and advertising on radio and TV are all very costly avenues for marketing. Thankfully, Social Media Marketing does not come with a hefty price on marketing attached to it. The budget for paid advertisements and internet costs are unimaginably much more affordable.

9. Engaging your audience when they are available.

Thanks to the post scheduling tools like Hubspot and Facebook’s inbuilt scheduling function, you can target your audience with content when they are most likely to be online. This will in turn improve on posts engagements and ultimately lead to increased sales.

10. No physical shop needed.

While most people still insist on having physical shops while promoting their products and services online, a good number of businesses are operating online with no physical shops. How great is that? Getting to save on rent, electricity and all the costs that come with managing a physical shop.

In conclusion, Social Media plays a very important role in marketing in our today’s world.

Renowned people in great businesses like Larry Kim, Rand Fishkin and Neil Patel have all built their brands through the Social Media space.  You too can tap on this potential. Consult Us for Social Media Marketing

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